Certificate: U/A

Story and Director: Amit Shree Yadav

Starring: Rajpal Yadav, Alok Nath,

Screenplay: Amit Shree Yadav

Dialogue: Amit Shree Yadav

Music: Aryaan Jain

This film is a remake of the Jeetendra-Nanda- Sanjeev Kumar starrer ‘Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke’. Story of a joint family with the elder son being asked to always keep the family together by his dying father (Alok Nath). The four brothers love each other dearly and earn a good living by farming and then the elder brother gets married and a loving mother comes into their house. The youngest son Kamlesh is good in studies and his elder brother has high hopes from him and wants to send him to the big city to study and they raise the funds by mortgaging their land, jewelery, etc but Kamlesh falls in love with a girl in his college and wants to get married to her but the girl wants to keep him away from his family and brothers and there is a lot of conflict within the family. The performers are all new and have done well. The direction is so-so. Technically alright. Music is good especially a Holi song by Rajpal Yadav. A good family film.

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