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This film is a love story and a murder mystery interspersed with a difference. Akin to Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Khamosh, a drama unit comes to a resort for a dress rehearsal of their play and as things progress, the unit is troubled by a drunk and abusive director Potdar (Jayant Wadkar) and when Yash Patwardhan (Swapnil Joshi), a big star , already in a relationship with the heroine of the play (Sneha Chavan) , falls in love with the resort hostess Janhavi Deodhar  (Anjana Sukhani) who is engaged to the resort owner (Milind Gawli) but in  a turn of events Yash falls in love with her and things get complicated and then Potdar is murdered and the investigating team of Kamlesh Sawant and Samidha Guru in true Agatha Christie style investigate the crime where everyone has a motive and the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashoman.   The film is tautly directed and wonderfully acted especially by Swapnil and Anjana. Jaywant Wadkar is excellent. Kamlesh Sawant and Samidha Guru make a great team.Uday Nene, Piyush Ranade, Priya Berde, The music by Amitraj and Nilesh Mohrir is melodious and catchy. The DOP Prasad Bhende has done a svelte job with lots of bright colors and bright lighting. The film is well written by Shirish Latkar wirth effective dialogues. See this film for its mystery and good performances.


At the box-office

This film will be a blockbuster.

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