I absolutely didn’t believe myself when Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s highly controversial movie PADMAAVAT released nationwide last week. There was so much negativity around the movie that one point it looked likely that the film won’t see the light of the day. But eventually it did come out and since its actual release has gone to be a success at the box-office which is also great to see.

There were many a states which still haven’t released the movie even after a Supreme Court judgement but that is not why I’m writing this piece today. I’m motivated to write this piece today because a member of this industry, an actress who has always been adored by the fans and also by the filmmakers choose to speak about the movie in an rather bizarre open letter with a click-bait for a headline. It is absolutely fine for Swara Bhasker to voice her discontent with something she experienced in the movie hall. She felt it, she wrote about it. That’s cool.

But the point I’m trying to make is that she is an actress and she worked in numerous movies in the past and she must have an idea as to what goes into making a film. The blood, the sweat now you add the horrifying incidents that have marred the movie since it has been filming and the crescendos it hit just post the trailer of the movie was out. If something like this happened to her own movie how would she feel?

During this whole PADMAAVAT issue I’ve constantly come back to one simple thing which I keep saying in most of the issues: this industry needs to really unite and not get bullied. The open letter is another example of how there is no unity in this industry. No one cares for what another filmmaker goes through, no one dares to extend support forget helping anyone in the need. When someone in the industry does this it really hurts. It really drives the point for others like these fringe groups who feed of this internal negative vibe we share. We really need to change our ways and outlooks, if things are going to change. If we are busy pulling others down and take no time in jumping on any bandwagon for silly publicity how will others with their swords and their death threats stop attacking us when they can see we are always looking for newer ways to only bring ourselves down. Trade Magazine