This film is a good horror tale in the realm of William Friedkin, Roman Polanski, (Rosemary’s Baby), Stephen King, M Night Shyamalan.and RGV Closer home. A young married couple Tushar (Vikram Gaikwad ) and Neha ( Pooja Sawant ) come to a remote village at their driver Bhaurao (Anil Gawas) instance to protect Vikram from some loan sharks as Pooja is eight months pregnant but the environment of the village is very eerie and Pooja starts seeing things about pregnant women cutting up their bellies and three small children playing hide and seek and giving the knives to the pregnant women to abort their babies. Pooja is horrified but even more scary is the lady of the house Usha Naik whose erratic behavior stupefies her and she asks her husband to leave the place but he just ignores her and then the whole seriousness of the matter strikes her when the whole background of the isolated house is shown to her via illusions and how a pregnant woman was killed and how three children were drowned in a nearby well and how there is a ghastly practice of throwing girl child into the wells because it is presumed that it will lead to a good harvest . And then Pooja realizes that even her husband is in cahoots with the perpetrators of these ghastly acts but she fights everyone to save her child. The film is photographed beautifully with even the sugarcane field looking very scary. The director Vishal Furia has used every horror film idiom to scare his audience and he succeeds in doing that and especially his use of jerks and background music is superb. Pooja Sawant does well in a powerful role. The veteran Usha Naik is simply superb. Anil Gawas does well. Vikram Gaikwad is good. Hridaynath Rane as the hocus-pocus man is chilling. The background music elevates the horror in the film.


At the box-office

The film should do well

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