They say, time changes everything and let me tell you they’re lying. A death of a parent is what changes everything. And with all its supernatural powers, time doesn’t do a darn thing. Time is never going to change the fact that Anshul and I don’t have a father anymore.

My father was a superhero, not only for us at our home, but for so many in this industry, for who he worked tirelessly day and night. In the past few days many people have come and told me that I have to now take my fathers name and standing to a whole another level and that goes without saying. My father is, was and always will be a proud man and its my duty to make his unfulfilled ambitions and dreams a reality and Anshul and I are going to do just that every single day.

But I don’t think I can ever be like my father, not because I am not going to try, it’s because they don’t make them like my father anymore. He was cut from a different cloth and the goodwill, respect that people have for him is for all to see.

All I can promise the readers of SUPER CINEMA is that we will continue to walk on the path dad etched out for us for many a years to come with the same amount of truth and grit and heart. I know this for a fact because, dad is going to guide us like he did everyday for eternity.

– Amul Vikas Mohan

In the last few days I have realised that the most difficult thing in life has to be the difference between IS and WAS – this was all so sudden that at most of the times I am lost for words and the only thing that’s kept me going is that Papa wouldn’t want to see us like this. And me having this belief that he is really around us and is watching over us all the time.

Will never be able to put in exact words how blessed I feel to be your son. Papa we may achieve many things in life Amul and I but they won’t be half as great as what you did; that I am sure of. With so much pride I say; we would always want to be remembered as your Sons and nothing else.

Last few days honestly have been very overwhelming for us as a family but they have made us only realise what an everlasting impression dad had on everybody. It’s so heartwarming to know he touched so many people’s lives, did so much for everyone and that so many people appreciated his dedication to get things done.

All I can promise is that we’re gonna take your legacy forward and continue the work in the exact same way that you taught us and wanted us to; we will take SUPER CINEMA to newer heights and continue the hard work you put in from the day one.

Love you!

– Anshul Vikas Mohan BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine