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Interview By: Ankita R. Kanabar

Lisa Haydon is a funny girl and you take that back about her post a conversation. So it just completely makes sense that her upcoming release is ‘Housefull 3’. She loves comedies, she confesses. She talks all about her upcoming release and fan-following post ‘Queen’ in this brief chat…

“People can interpret you in many different ways when you are in the public eye”

Most actors feel it’s a challenge to make their presence felt in a multi-starrer…how was it for you in case of ‘Housefull 3’?

Every film is a chance to do your best. The best part about being in an ensemble cast is that it’s a team work. Some people have asked me how do you get a space or limelight in a film like this. But it’s not about hogging limelight. You have to be a part of it in the best of your ability. In that sense, it was important that we came together in the film. Jacky, Nargis and I were joking that hope we get to do ‘Charlie’s Angels’ after this (laughs). It’s such a fresh cast. Perhaps in case of this film, I feel less pressured because it is not like one person will have to bear the brunt of it, because it is such a team work. Plus the previous two parts of ‘Housefull’ have done so well that it feels easier because of that.

What do you feel about comedy as a genre?

I do love it, it is my favourite genre in that sense that, like to laugh. Watching it all unfold when we’re shooting, improvising and seeing how everyone comes together is the best part. I like roles which are self-deprecating. In real life, it is very easy to take yourselves seriously. We always want to project ourselves in the best way but in a comedy film, it is about taking yourself less seriously. That is sort of cathartic as a process as well.

You did ‘Shaukeens’ which definitely must have been a different experience of comedy than ‘Housefull 3’….

Yes, in ‘Shaukeens’, everyone was a bit whacked (laughs). My dynamics with Akshay was dysfunctional. I was also doing comedy in it. In this film, the boys have done that, while we girls have played a foil to that. Three of us have played goody two shoes a little bit. There was a point where Jacky, Nargis and I called ourselves ‘reaction ranis’ because everything was happening around us. So we coined this for ourselves.


Does the camaraderie shared with your co-star help in a film like this? You girls seem to bond pretty well….

Oh yes. But sometimes it was a distraction for the director because we wouldn’t just stop talking (laughs). But the two of them put me on a diet during the film. Jacky and Nargis are both healthy eaters. Nargis eats very clean, simple food. And Jacky doesn’t eat sugar. Me on the other hand, would eat all sorts of chocolates and chips, and Jacky would be like, ‘just because you’re thin, it doesn’t mean you can get away with eating that’. She put me on a no sugar diet. So when we were not shooting, she would text me and ask what I ate and I’d lie to her, because my no sugar diet would last till 2 days. But everyone’s so nice to work with.

Most actors are on social media largely to connect with their fans, how important do you think that is today?

It is really important. Moreover I feel that if people misunderstand you, social media is there for you to show the world who you really are. People can interpret you in many different ways when you are in the public eye. And I like to keep in touch with my fans as well. I reply to all of them on direct message on Instagram. Infact, I have developed friendship with some of them. I know who’s a genuine fan and I like to have a deeper connection with some of them.

Do you think there has been a rise in your fan following post ‘Queen’ because people still remember it and love watching it even on TV?

People have really loved the movie. I do feel the fan following has gone up for sure because the capacity that you get to reach out to people is quite big. As a TV presenter, you reach out to a certain audience, as a model not as much, but as an actor you are suddenly in all the small towns and villages as well. In that way, I can feel a difference. People now want to talk to you or take a picture so it’s a good feeling. The most important thing is to be connected to people. As an actor you feel extra connected to people, maybe one shouldn’t get used to it. It’s almost like people feel they know you.

 What’s next for you post ‘Housefull 3’?

I’m going to start shooting for India’s next top model now, it’s a syndication of America’s top model here, and I am proud to be a part of that show. There are many qualities that one needs to be successful. Being good looking is just not good enough, so you need to be creative, be disciplined, remain focused. I feel I have something to offer to the girls in that way and can motivate them to cultivate these qualities. I feel that time is very precious and you need to choose your battles wisely. Whatever I do should be something that I’m passionate about!

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