This actor has been in the industry for not a long time but has seen his share of success at the movies. The moody actor has been off  with some of his movie choices in the past but somehow tried to strike a balance nonetheless. But off  late his choices has become a little strange; many close to the actor believe that it has to do with his irrational mood swings. Nowadays for instance he is busy saying yes to almost all the new movies which are been sent to him, but strangely none of the movies he has been saying yes to ever take off . A few of his recent choices have been even shelved recently but he continues to behave as if he is still one of the premiere most actors in the industry which is obviously not the case. Many close to the actor say that he is the main reasons for most of his movies never actually taking off  as he is constantly delaying everything from his end. His entourage is also another factor for the actor’s slump because they’re all in his ears telling him how ‘great’ he is all that. The sooner the actor realizes his true potential and knuckle down to being honest to his craft we might get to a see the real actor in him, but we don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine