Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

Luv Sinha who will be seen playing the role of an Army Officer says it was an honor and responsibility on him to portray the role with complete sincerity. He talked to us about his upcoming movie, working with J.P. Dutta and much more…..

How was it playing the role of an Army officer in the movie PALTAN?

I like to say that it was an honor for me because not many actors get this opportunity in their lives and again it was a responsibility at the same time because I am not just playing a character that has been created from the mind of someone but rather I am playing someone who is still very much active. I have met the Gentleman who I am representing in the film. I have interacted with him, so for me it was a responsibility that I don’t let him feel it anyway that I have not portrayed him correctly or that he is not represented correctly through the film. That was basically what it was for me an honor and as well as a responsibility for me that I took very seriously.

How was it working with JP Sir and what was the preparation from your end?

Honestly, JP Sir was there for all of us, JP Sir was very clear and defined character, so for us to play and at the same time he would let us also incorporate certain trades that he felt were correct. Like obviously we would discuss with him Sir could we attempt this, attempt that and if he felt it was correct he would be okay with it and if he felt that it didn’t suit the character then he would let us know. So there was a lot going on and at the same time JP Sir guiding us and as well as giving us a little bit of freedom which I think is very good for an actor. If I just become the character that I played, we had to adopt the body language that a soldier has, we had to make sure that the way we hold the gun, the way we salute, the way we march all that is accurate and for that we actually used to talk to the Jawan’s who are with us in the film, like our fellow brother’s who are in the Army we used to talk to them and understand from them how things are. We also used to discuss what they go through, so at least like we have some idea of what this people deal with on a daily basis, it’s just a character in the film but to understand what action goes through a soldier’s mind you have to talk to a real solider.               

How important is it for you to understand the character?

Thankfully I met the Gentleman whose character I am playing in the film but at the same time you have to bring a part of you also that you create also through the character. You should not be mimicking someone or you should not be imitating someone, may be resemble them to an extent but at the same time bring trades that you feel will add to the character because that will make it more interesting for the audiences to see on screen. So I do believe in preparing as I take my craft seriously.

 How challenging and fun it was while shooting the film as the film has a huge star cast?

Honestly Sagar, it was a lot of fun but I will be very honest for me when I go on set, it is basically like I am going to a Mandir. So I am not going there to have so much fun, I am just going there to basically do my job and focus on that the most but at the same time we had such great actors like Arjun Rampal, Jackie Sir, Sonu Sood Sir and they used to be so funny, that they used to make us laugh so much that it was really memorable experience for all of us to be there together. Whether it was a Siddhant Kapoor, whether it was a Gurmeet Chaudhary all of us had a great time together.

You did your first movie in SADIYAAN in 2010 and now your next movie in 2018, so were you busy with something else?

My focus primarily has always been into cinema and again eight years ago also there were certain projects I was supposed to start and then for various reasons may be they didn’t take off and also it’s not always in your hands, in this industry no matter how hard you try, circumstances are not always in your control. So I don’t let that affect me in a negative manner, I just always believe that I have to just continue moving ahead and keep on staying focused. Otherwise what happens a lot of people lose their path in the way or they lose by jut waiting? I am grateful that I am not that sort of a person or I didn’t go and rob director.

Which are the genres that you would like to be a part of?

So I want to be a part of an action comedy, I would love to be a part of something like a thriller or even a romantic comedy, I wouldn’t really say a pure romance because for pure romance you need a director to handle it very carefully but these are the genres that I would like to be a part of.            

Were you aware about the Nathula incident which is shown in the film?

To be honest we were not aware about it and again I believe that this is unfortunate that we as citizens of India were not informed about this battle because it is something that can motivate us, it can make us feel proud, we always talk about 1962 but why don’t we talk about 1967. So I am very grateful to JP Sir for having us know this event and even research this and bringing it alive on screen and I am also very grateful that he gave me a chance to be a part of a film like PALTAN.

What are you upcoming projects?

So Sagar, right now I don’t think that it is correct for me to talk about it because when the producers feel its correct to announce it I believe that they will announce it, so right now my main focus is on PALTAN and whatever has to be announced and when it has to be announced you all we come to know about it.

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