Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Madhu Chopra, the proud mother of the multi talented actress Priyanka Chopra is with us to talk about how she stepped onto producing films under their own banner, ‘Purple Pebble Pictures’. She is clam and polite and someone with so much grace to talk too. She shared her insights and purpose of producing regional films. Purple Pebble Pictures seems to be in a full swing to reach out all over the country showcasing stories from different parts. We had a brief chat as to when and how it all started. Read on..

“If a story is good then it just takes a platform to convey it”

How did the thought of producing a film happen to you?

It was Priyanka’s thought before leaving to the U.S, for ‘Quantico’. She wanted to maintain a connection with India despite being far and wanted her presence felt. So she came up to me and said; we should start making films. And that she wants to be a story teller and wants to make films which everyone can see. So that’s how I came into production and we started off when she was shooting for ‘Bajiroa Mastani’.    

What was the thought process and the idea to make a regional film?

Priyanka has always been saying this in her interviews; storytelling should have no region, no language, and no barriers. If a story is good then it just takes a platform to convey the story. So that’s our platform, it doesn’t matter which language it is, we will tell the stories in all languages.

Tell us about ‘Ventilator’ and how much can the audience relate to it?

It’s a very relatable film; one can relate to the characters in the film and see in their houses, one can relate to the situations in the film. It’s a story about a big family who are still connected to each other despite their differences. It is when every family member unites on an occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and that moment Gaju kaka, the oldie of the family gets hospitalized and is serious. So should he be put on ventilator? Or shouldn’t he? That is the discussion in the family.  So this portrays their bond between them even after meeting after a long time. And the emotions which the film carries, is very important for today’s youngsters to know about the value of a joint family system, the value of relationships. Now-a-days, children don’t even know their relatives properly apart from their parents. So this film portrays the importance, the emotions in the family.

What is it that you see in a script?

A truthful content which has a true meaning and facts; not that it’s a mixture of patch work or a copy of some other film. It should simply be original and genuine. In the end, the script is finally approved by Priyanka as she has a lot of experience and I believe her selection is good.

What has been your plan to promote the movie?

We are trying; we don’t know whether it will be accepted or no. Our production house strategy is to reach every regional film all over the world and having the advantage of Priyanka connected to it, has sheer possibilities to reach all over. So we are trying that even Marathi film releases all over India. We will also be showing internationally in a few centers.

“We are trying that even Marathi film releases all over India. We will also be showing internationally in a few centers. ”

Do you think production houses are now being set up especially to cater the small budget unconventional cinema?

Yes I can see that, because the choices of our audiences have changed. They don’t want to waste money on films not worthy of them. There’s so much explosion in TV shows that they only go to watch film which are having good content. And today’s generation wants to see good content driven films which is a good change and I’m glad and happy about the fact that today’s generation are willing to see worthy films and content driven films.     

 Will we get to see you producing Bollywood?

Hopefully yes!

Tell us about your other projects under your banner?

We have finished one Bhojpuri film and we are working on for a second Bhojpuri film for the next year. We have finished ‘Ventilator’ and now will start with another Marathi film again, that is for the next year. We have finished a Punjabi film, which will release in December and I’m looking at another Punjabi film for next year. And end of this year we are hoping to make a Rajasthani film.  I’m scoping two films, one in Chhattisgarh and one in Assam and this week I got a Bengal script. So that’s the current status.  

 How has life changed professionally for you after being a producer?

Even as a doctor I have been following Priyanka so some bit of films has got into my blood streams too. I’m still a doctor and I’m still practicing but as far as production house and films are concerned, Priyanka is controlling it remotely and I’m just executing it and helping her.

 What is that one thing that you’ll take back with you from this film?

From ‘Ventilator’ I’ll take back that it takes very little to make your family happy, to make your parents happy, but it takes a lot to break it. It is that one smile which vanishes every bitter a person had in its past. It’s a beautiful film and it will show everyone that having grudges with your parents will make one’s life miserable and by making peace that misery goes away.

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