Certificate: A

Rating: 1/2

Director: Chandrakant Singh

Starring: Arbaaz Khan, Aindrita Ray, Govind Namdeo, Vikas Verma

Written by: M. Salim

The film is set in the snow-carpeted slopes of Switzerland. It starts off with a murder which is immediately hushed up by the victim’s wife and her lover.   Yash Malhotra (Arbaaz Khan) is a successful businessman from Switzerland. One day he bumps into a model Lisa (Aindrita Ray) falls in love with her at first sight, he proposes her for marriage, and she says yes and they get married and are living a good and happy married life together. Everything is going well until one day, Peter (Vikas Verma), enters their lives. He is a photographer and a good friend of Liza. Time flies and Liza and Peter come close and things go downhill since then.  They both are involved in a plot where they murder Yash. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The genre of the movie is horror, but the real horror in the movie is the writing and the execution. The scenes that are supposed to spook you, they don’t and a few of them just make you cringe and some just make you laugh. The film has a clichéd story and dialogues. The film neither manages to scare you, nor does it thrill you and nor does it have anything worth liking about. It’s all come together as a rather mediocre affair.

Technically, the film is average. The writing of the film is subpar. Cinematography by Johny Lal is decent. It helped that the film was shot in beautiful locales of Switzerland. The editing by Ashish Gaikar is okay. The music of the film is not of the chartbuster variety. The production design and the costume design are average.

Performances from the actors are average. Arbaaz Khan gives his best, but the writing well lets him down.  Aindrita Ray isn;t allowed to do much but she still does quite well. Vikas Verma as the lover is also average. Them and the supporting cast come together and give their best to salvage this film but it was well drowning and no amount of effort from their part could stop the metaphorical boat from sinking.

Director Chandrakant Singh doesn’t do much to improve the film, the execution is disappointing.


At the box-office

The film is a major disaster!

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