A film about modern married couples are rare and a film like this which deals with the modern marriage and its shortcomings and the generation gap between the old and the new generations has been sensitively handled by director Sameer Vidhwans. Ketaki (Spruha Joshi) and Ajay (Gashmeer Mahajani) they are a working couple with a four year old boy. Over the years, after running away from their parents’ house and getting married, their love loses sheen and many questions arise in Ketaki’s mind that Ajay is becoming too much off a work alcoholic and not giving enough space and time to his family. Whereas Ajay is happy with her in a relationship and his job and he finds nothing wrong but things go through the roof and they are almost on the verge of separation but a family friend Sagar (Vinod Lavhekar) suggests that they give it some more time and go on a holiday and unexpectedly Ajay’s mother (Nirmitee Sawant) and father (Vijay Nikam) and their uncle (Kamlesh Sawant) along with Ajay’s elder brother Sahil Koparde and his wife (Snehlata Vasaikar) drop in and make amends for their former behavior and all is sorted when it is decided to drop into Ketaki’s ancestral house in Konkan and repeat their marriage ceremony in all the various pujas to be done. But Ketaki is all against it but Ajay requests her to give it a try as it’s just a matter of few days but these few days bring them more closer and even the two families come together and all is well.

Gashmeer Mahajani has matured as an actor and does well. Spruha Joshi is superb. Vijay Nikam, Nirmitee Sawant, Kamlesh Sawant, Seema Deshmukh, Sahil Koparde, Snehlata Vasaikar, Satish Alekar, Mangala Kenkre, Vinod Lavhekar, Karan Belose, Surabhi Hemant, Child star Arash Godbole, Ganesh Revadekar lend able support. Ravi Singh’s story is very good. The beautiful city contours and the scenic Konkan locales have been helmed well by DOP Prasad Bhende, The other technical details are very good. Music is very good.

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