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Maninder Buttar is known for his work in the Punjabi music industry. He is most well known for his songs ‘Sakhiyaan’, ‘Yaari ‘and ‘Viah’, which have garnered lot of appreciation by the youth.  In a brief chat, he spoke to us about his latest song ‘Jamila’, approach towards music and much more…

What was the starting point for the song “Jamila”?

The starting point for “Jamila” had happened years back and I had in mind to use this word in my song someday. “Jamila” is an Arabic word; a cute, beautiful girl is called jamila so that’s how I thought of using it in this song.  “Sakhiyaan” and “Jamila” were made together and even shot together.  And in fact “Jamila” was the one to come before “Sakhiyaan” but there was a little pending work left of the song “Jamila”, so “Sakhiyaan” happened first.  I believe whatever happens, happens for a good reason.

 How has your approach towards music been?

I really follow the western music, I see the way they make music and how they picturized music videos.   My first concern is the compose of the song, and then I write the song. I try to bring in the simple things in a song, you won’t find any vulgarity in my songs; for instance the song “Sakhiyaan”.  And the third thing and most important thing is music.   Now-a-days a music video is made in a very lavish and with a big budget. We don’t see the trend of album these days, it has lessened. I belong to a middle class family and when I started off in 2014, I use to wonder how I will get so much money to make such videos. So I had only one plan that I want to go out and earn money on my own. Music is my passion; I would have not done anything else, except music.  Since I was at the age of 5-6 years, I had in mind that I want to make songs and I am grateful to god that whatever I had thought I have received.  I have more dreams but I am content with whatever I have now.

We see a lot of Punjabi track being used in Bollywood, any offer given to you from Bollywood?

My song “Sakhiyaan” will be used in one of the Bollywood films; I have kept a condition to keep the song original because I wouldn’t like any changes.  It’s a Punjabi song and I would like to bring it in that way. I don’t want to spoil the song.  I am working on it and hope all goes well.

   What is your thought on recreated music?

I feel a few recreated songs are really bad and do not justify the original track. And there are a few songs which are really good and are well accepted by the audience.

How evolved to you feel as a musician?

I love music so much that I don’t feel detached from it. When people tell me why I am sitting ideal, it’s not about sitting ideal; an artist is always creating something in his mind even when he is sitting free.  When I was young there was not much access to internet as much as it is now. If I had got the access of internet then, I would have done wonders.  Now I know the trends and what’s happening internationally, so I work accordingly and want to get Punjabi songs to another level.  I have being god gifted with music, I didn’t learn music so I want to work hard and do well.

How it is to collaborate with different artists, does it help at a creative level?

It’s quite interesting and creatively satisfying to work with other artist. And also, I believe if you are working with other artist it’s a good advantage; since their entire fan followers start to know you and vice versa. And if both the artist have good fan following then the song is definitely a super hit; though the trend of collaborating with different artist is less in India as compared to western countries. Trade Magazine



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