In a brief chat, Manoj Bajpayee gets talking about his short film ‘Kriti’ and the appreciation he’s getting for it…

“Short film is a medium to keep experimenting with your own self and do something that you don't get to do in cinema”

What is the thing that you liked most about ‘Kriti’?

I am surrounded by two women in the film but both of them are my mind’s creation. This is what I liked. One is my permanent creation that is Radhika Apte’s character, who is in love with me and I am in love with somebody else who is other creation of mine. This conflict was amazing, conflict of troubled mind.

What is the reason behind inclination towards short films?

I always wanted to do shirt films. I was looking for nice platform and is a platform with which I am associated also. I wanted somebody to put in money. This portal is always ready to back me up. Short film is also a medium to keep experimenting with your own self and do something that you don’t get to do in cinema. It’s also a greed of acting, nothing else, when there is somebody who is ready to put in the money.

How does it feel when you are getting huge appreciation for ‘Kriti’?

It is great. This is what I was looking for. Taandav has created quite a lot of talk when it has released and it has gone to so many festivals and earned so much of acclaim. Now ‘Kriti’, it got nearly 30 lakh views when I am talking to you and still counting. That means people are ready for content. They want to see content on Internet. They are dying for it. It’s just that we are lagging behind.

What you would like to say about the growing trend of release of short films on digital platform?

This is been my thought behind it. I want people to get used to watching movies on the internet. It will do so much of good to our cinema and creative people. And it will do so much of good in terms of commerce also. If we will start buying films legally on Internet and start watching those films instead of watching pirated version after two days. The film should be available to people right at the day of the release. It will be going to all the corners of the world. And how much revenue I am talking about here. We still haven’t explored the true potential of Hindi Cinema in terms of revenue. We think that there are many theatres but there are not many theatres in the country and Internet will do the job of filling up the vacuum of lack of theatres.

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