One of the talented and well-known music composers Manmeet Singh – Harmeet Singh, together known as Meet brothers have made a beautiful impact in music industry in these 7 years; with their peppy, groovy numbers. This time they have a Christmas- New Year’s gift for all the music lovers, with their latest release song “Yaari Ve” which is a romantic, calm, groovy song that truly gives a second hear. They spoke to us about their latest release and how music has always been instinctive to them. Read on…

Talking about creativity happening instantly to both of you; how was it this time with ‘Yaari Ve’?

Harmeet We just launched our song “Yaari Ve”, it’s a beautiful romantic party song  – it’s a perfect Christmas and New year’s song; it gives new year’s vibe.

Manmeet Basically it’s a very groovy love song and we got Lauren in it with us.  Taking about creativity happening instantly, I think that is something that is an evolved affair. We all need to understand that some things happen beyond your plannings. So being real and being in the moment is what is the most important thing.  And ‘Yaari Ve’ is a nice party song which you can play it when you even traveling a road trip.  It’s a very cool vibe song. The concept is basically – you can find love and friendship both in the same person hence “Yaari Ve”; you have reasons falling in love and friendship but what about the world falling in love with their best friends; so the song is dedicated to them because ‘Yaari Ve main Ishq mai badal du…’

Previously you both have mentioned your strength is melodies, so has that phase got into you both now; will the audience hear more of romantic numbers?

Harmeet ‘Yaari Ve’ is the first step in that direction. Mostly film directors and producers expect us to make good party songs for them and we are the first choice when it comes to party songs but we want to be the first choice with romantic numbers also.  That’s why this single and it’s both romantic and party song as well.

Manmeet – This song has it all, it is a romantic groovy song and it has beautiful melody and it is sung by Prakritu kakar and Lauren is featuring the video. So it’s the first step towards the romantic track.  So we want our real side to come out which is romantic.

Your music is easy to Learn, dance and hard to forget so through this do you sense the sensibility of the audience’s choice of songs; as to what they prefer?

HarmeetWe try to fit to our own intuitions; to our own instinct because when the biggest song came to us we didn’t know it would be so big. So we were just making songs and it becomes big, the moment you plan to make big songs it doesn’t work. Because nobody knows what a big song is – so we just be true to our music, and true to our self.

Manmeet I second that, because Music is the reflection of the artist. We both are very happy go lucky, very peppy, we are very positive and that’s what transforms into our music and hence the audience feel like singing along and dancing to it and it gets a smile on your face.  So our songs are very cheerful, happy, they will make you feel good.  We like to give songs where everybody feels good about themselves.  Songs like ‘Hangover’, ‘Chitiya Kalaiya’, ‘Nachan Farrate’ all these songs are happy and positive.  So we are in that space of life that’s why it comes out in our music. So we don’t really plan anything and it just happens. For example this was our first outing with Times music so in a normal way if we only had to plan the song and make it something like a ‘Baby Doll’ or ‘Chitiya’ which might work and people expect that from us but we didn’t  do that.  We just stuck to our rules so this is what we had to do and this is who we are. So we just go with our instinct and not the big commercial plan as we called it.

How do you sum up your journey since you started out in 2010 till now; and what have been the learnings and the down falls?

Harmeet In our career our musical journey is the biggest school that we have gone to, so far we are still learning, adapting, making new things, we can’t say we have mastered it yet. It’s a school and we are still learning. There are many things like marketing, approaching the producers, directors, being shot in the film or to see the actor and his mannerism and keep the beats according to it. So all this is learning till we are in the school.  So for now we are in the 7th grade of the school in the music industry and film industry; so there is a long way to graduate. 7 years is just 7th grade of the school, long way to go (Smiles).

Will we get to see more songs like “Mere Nishaan” from ‘OMG’ film?

Manmeet Absolutely!  We totally intend to get that kind of music and it comes naturally to us it’s just the matter of time.  Hoping for a best year to come and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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