This young director has become the toast of the town and that is without him being a flash in the pan like many before him and after him. The filmmaker has given not one but two back to back superhits and producers are literally queuing up to get lure him to make their next. But this tale we are about to tell has a little bit of a different twitch to it. The filmmaker immediately after delivering his first hit signed another film with up and coming production house. The production house and the filmmaker developed a good script as well. An actor was also approached who too jumped at the material and agreed to be a part of this project. In the meanwhile the filmmaker had his prior commitment (his second film) he made that and that also went to be a major money spinner at the box-office. The maker was to begin the pre-production for this above mentioned new film after the release of his second movie but since the release he has gone straight MIA on the producers and even the actor. And now it looks like that the dates agreed to begin the film are going to be not matched and if things don’t change soon, the producer will have to shelve the project and maybe even sue the filmmaker for all this harassment. Hope better sense prevails and the filmmaker resurfaces quickly to take care of this situation before it turns ugly for him. CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine