Film on Hold!

News was that Bhagyashree’s son Abhimanyu Dasani was supposed to be launched by Phantom films in Vasan Bala’s quirky action comedy MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA. Bala has been working on Anurag Kashyap’s films since quite long now as an AD. The film also starred Tamil star Vijay Sethupati in a key role. The other details about the film had been kept under the wraps. Now the buzz is that the film has been put on a back burner for some reason now and when shall it resume only time can tell. Watch this space!


Last year it was announced that casting director Mukesh Chhabra was all set to weild a megaphone and call shots as a director for Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions’ next which was going to star Vinod Khanna’s son Sakshi Khanna. The film was apparently going to be a love story. Besides this information which we got in the early months of 2016, there have been no news on the film ever since. Chhabra had been tight lipped about the film since the start and not receiving any news after more than a year has passed, it is now understood that the film has been dropped.

Role Reversal!

This hit franchise that was in development for the next part of the series may now very well see a change in the cast. The megastar attached may now not be a part of the film. The whats and the whys of the star not being a part of the film are still unclear or at least they haven’t been revealed as yet but this is only thing we can know for sure now: The megastar is out for good. Interesting to see who replaces the star now!

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