This film is a taut psychological thriller in the Hitchcockian or Agatha Christie or James Hadley Chase mould. Dr. Jai Verma (Parvin Dabbas)  is a practicing psychology  professor  who himself has a past background of Schizophrenia  and multiple personality bi-polar disorder who gets delusions and now he is in more trouble because one of his students has committed suicide because his research paper couldn’t be completed and his wife is having an affair with someone so Jai plans to bump her off with the help of a new student Ronnie (Dhruv Bali ) who too is after Jai  to help him complete his thesis so Jai in the best tradition of Strangers on a Train and Dial M for  Murder hatches a plot to murder his wife by Ronnie when he himself would be out and the motive should be seen as a robbery. But in reality it works out differently when it seems Ronnie himself is having an affair with Jai’s wife and he murders her and calls the police as he has a recording of Jai’s offer and he blackmails Jai but everyone others around him  including a police detective say that there is no one called Ronnie and it must be a figment of his imagination and Jai goes mad in proving that Ronnie still is a real person and not fiction and he proves it that Ronnie has done all this to avenge the suicide of his brother for which he blames Jai. 

Parvin Dabbas does well and gets a good layered character after a long time. Pooja Batra is good as the police psychiatrist. Sneha Ramchander as the police detective is impressive. Omi Vaidya as Jai’s imaginary advisor and friend is also impressive.

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