This film is a political drama with a love story as its backdrop. The film is set in Northern India in places like Mirzapur, Varanasi, etc and the ghats are a prime location in the film. The director has focused his attention onto the minority tension and the film begins with a cold blooded murder of a minority politician on the issue of who will take their processions forward first. The murder is committed by a jailbird Mirza (Darshan Kumar) who is let out of the jail to commit such high profile murders by the jail warden who has raised him and he lets him out to start life afresh and he seeks the solace of his kind uncle a tailor, and he inadvertently falls in love with his childhood school mate Julie Yadav (Piaa Bajpai) but Julie is a bit of a wild girl and always prone to doing extreme things like beating up boys and asking about the birds and the bees to anyone in the know. But she is the sister of the political kingpin (Priyanshu Chatterjee) and no one dare mess with her as she is also engaged to get married to Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal) a political big wig (Swanand Kirkire’s) brother and she knows that Mirzaa is in love with her but she plays along with him whereas he is very serious about her leading to much drama. The film is basically centered around a Northern scenario and that could deter its box office values in other places. The performances by Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpai make the film watchable. Swanand Kirkire and Chandan Roy Sanyal are impressive. Priyanshu Chatterjee has an imposing personality and does well. Hemant Kumar as Juliets brother does well. The rest of the cast is adequate. The cinematography is slick and picture perfect. The editing is fast and furious. The music by Krsna has some peppy and some folk songs which are catchy. Direction by television veteran Rajesh Ram Singh is okay. Over all a good film to watch on a hot sunny day.

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