Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Mishti, the young actress started with a Bengali film ‘Parichoi’ after which Bollywood director, Subhash Ghai cast her in ‘Kaanchi’. After her debut in Bollywood she was cast in ‘Great Grand Masti’ and now she is has geared up with her upcoming ‘Begum Jaan’. She is charming, sweet and talented. She has a long way to go. Read on…

“Vidya is so simple, yet so powerful”

How did you get on board with the film?
Actually I knew the Srijit from a long time even before I started Kaanchi. Once he was casting for this film he thought of me and that is how I got on board. There was an audition with Mukesh Chabbra’s team.

How was it working with your other co-actors in ‘Begum Jaan’?
First let me start with Vidya Balanji, she is not only a wonderful actress but a wonderful human being. It was an incredible experience working with her; I have not seen any superstar so grounded as her. Vidya is so simple, yet so powerful. She is unique in her own way. Naseeruddin sir had scenes only with me and Vidya and watching them in one screen it’s always so much of learning from them. And the person I was most close to in the film was Ila Arunji as I had all my scenes with her so we used to stay together more on screen and off screen both. I can’t describe her in words as she is very wonderful person. Also the other girls were very good and we shared bonding as the director chooses the entire cast very smartly and everyone knew their work. But basically, the people I was most close to were Vidya and Ila Arunji.

You have been doing south films Bengali film and also Hindi …which ones are on your priority list?

Actually there are two Bengali films I have done and one happened when I was a kid. I was very bad at acting then so I never tell people to see (laughing). I am not really interested in getting type-cast as an actor. I want to do all the genres and I have done different kind of roles every time. I am exploring all the zones and do all kind of roles. But my personal choice is substantial role like in ‘Begum Jaan’.

Tell us about your character in ‘Begum Jaan’.

My character is very different from all the other characters. My character is the only one which is subtle and silent.  But there’s a story behind that and for that you will have to watch the film. My character is different so all the other characters are protective about my character. I thought there was a great scope to express in my character.

What kind of difficulties or challenges did you face while shooting for this?

A good director will always make it easy for you and your character. I always wanted to work with Srijit Mukherji. There are few others with whom I would like to work but Sritij was on the top on the list. The Bengali one didn’t happen but the Hindi happened so I am happy about it. Nothing else was difficult for me but we were shooting on the border of Jharkhand, and it was too hot. So the climatic things were difficult but other than that nothing else was.

Do you think ‘Begum Jaan’ can be a turning point for your career?

It should be. But I don’t think so, I just follow my heart. If I like the movie I do it, and even if I don’t I still do it (laughing). ‘Begum Jaan’ is something I wanted to do and I am happy.

What kind of roles are you expecting further to do?

I will mostly be interested in substantial characters. I want to work with directors like Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and kind of films they make. So my priority is that zone and I hope to do commercial films too.
What’s next?

I have not decided yet, I have few couple of interesting things coming my way and not exactly decide what to do. And in south there are too many projects.

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