Atrocities against women and rapes are once again the issue of our directors and ad filmmaker Ravi Udyawar has attempted to project such an issue in his debut film ‘Mom’. Portrayed excellently by numero uno superstar Sridevi playing the caring sensitive Devki Agarwal, mother of two girls, foster mother of a girl Arya who is a teenager (Sajal Ali) and who is raped by a group of unruly boys out to teach their teacher Sridevi a lesson for disciplining them. The court releases the boy for lack of evidence but the girls mom takes revenge on them by castrating one of them (Pitobash Tripathy) in true bobbitting style of the film ‘I spit on Your Grave’, then in true Agatha Christie fashion poisons one them with cyanide found in apple seeds and puts the blame on his younger brother who is also one of the culprits and he is jailed for it and then goes after the most unruly of them Jagan played by Abhimanyu Singh in a climax shot in snow laden mountains which is thrilling. But one gets a feeling of déjà vu as we have seen the same kind of characters and revenge in films like ‘Maatr’, ‘Pink’, ‘Insaaf Ka Tarazu’, ’Aaj Ki Aawaz’, the super successful Death Wish Franchise. But what redeems this film is Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s excellent performance as DK, a private investigator who gives Sridevi all the dope on the culprits but is killed finally by Abhimanyu Singh. Akshaye Khanna plays a brilliant silent but strong cop Matthew Francis and knows about Sridevi’s revenge saga but silently supports her. Pakistani star Adnan Siddiqui plays the suave husband Anand, of Devki and the father of two daughters very well. Sajal Ali acts well but she looks like a Kareena Kapoor clone but admittedly she does justice to her difficult role. Abhimanyu Singh makes a chilling villain. Pitobash Tripathy deserves much more as an actor. Yuvraj Singh Bajwa as Akshaye Khanna’s deputy does well. The actor playing the aggressive weight conscious six pack rapist villain is very impressive. Director Ravi Udyawar has made good use of Anay Goswamis camera work in which he has captured the Delhi night locations beautifully and especially his depiction of the gruesome rape in a closed car riding alone silently on the highway with eerie back ground music is simply superb. He has been able to draw an extraordinary performance from Sridevi especially when she breaks down. The music by AR Rehman is good as always. The editing is swishy sharp. Overall a film to be seen for the superb performances of Sridevi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

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