Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Monica is debuting in Bollywood with her upcoming film ‘Firangi’ but she has been working in Punjabi films so far. She has made India proud by winning crown for Miss India worldwide, a beautiful lady with aspirations has reached the silver screen. As Monica is busy and at the same time excited to promote her upcoming film, we had a quick chat with her. Read on

How would you like to describe your journey from being Miss India to reaching Bollywood?

I would describe it as a learning experience. I met many people along the way who taught me many things and helped me grow as a person. It was a joy filled journey which started with Miss India USA in 2013, then Miss India Worldwide in 2014, in 2015 I shot for my first three films, and in early 2016 I had my releases, Ambarsariya opp Diljit Dosanjh, Kaptaan opp Gippy Gerewal, and Sardaar Ji 2 opp Diljit Dosanjh. Second half of 2016 I started shooting for Firangi.

How has the story of Firangi interested you and how did you come on board with the film?

Firangi interested me firstly because it was being directed by Rajiev Dhingra. He had made his Punjabi debut in 2016 with a commercial and critical success. When I heard the character for which I was being considered for, I immediately fell for her. Rajkumari Shamli Devi was well developed and even better written. The icing on the cake was that I got to work alongside Kapil Sharma.

Can you tell us more about your character in the film?

I play Rajkumari Shyamli Devi, who is a Punjabi princess educated abroad. She adds glamour and drama to the film.

What sort of genere would you like to try and with which Directors?

I would love to try everything and to work with everyone! I love Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s vision and how he creates stories. My dream character to bring to life would be Draupadi. I feel she represents the strength of an Indian Woman.

Kapil being a jolly person, how was it sharing screen space with him?

It was amazing! He’s an all out family person. His family, my family, Rajiev Ji’s Family and Ishita’s family were often on set and Kapil would love to sit with everyone and chat. And as a producer he spoiled his team. Working with him was honestly one of my best experiences in film.

Can you share any funny experience on sets? As Kapil being part of cast we expect amusing experience.

Kapil is a very serious actor and being the producer as well, he was very absorbed in his work. However, he always made sure that everyone around him always felt welcomed. He would chat with everyone, right from the spot boy to his main cast. He never differentiates between people.

According to you what’s the USP of the film which makes audience to stick to the film throughout?

The USP of the film is the character of Manga, (played by Kapil Sharma) and his innocence. The audience will love seeing Kapil in this never before seen avatar.

What are you coming up with next? What are your plans?

As of now, I have ‘Sat Shri Akaal England’ releasing next month and ‘Punj Khaab’ on floors.

As you have been working in Punjabi films too, would that continue too, after debuting in Bollywood?

Yes ofcourse, I would continue working in Punjab as it’s my mother tongue. Although I am looking forward to see what Hindi Cinema has to offer.

Would you like to share anything with Supercinema?

Yes, I would like all of SuperCinema’s readers to please go view the film on the 1st of December and take all your friends and family, I promise you, you’ll enjoy it!

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