Certificate: U/A
Director: Debamitra Biswal
Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Athiya Shetty
Written by: Meghvrat Singh Gurjar

MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR is the story of two people desperately trying to get married. Anita aka Annie (Athiya Shetty) resides in Bhopal and her only aim in life is to marry an NRI and settle abroad. However, when she meets prospective grooms either she rejects them because they can’t fulfil her dream of settling abroad or either she is rejected because she is a bigmouth. Meanwhile, Pushpender Tyagi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) has just returned from Dubai after a hiatus and stays with his family in the house neighbouring Annie’s. He is a 36 year old man, desperate to get married. Pushpender falls for Annie instantly but she doesn’t show any interest. But soon his wedding is fixed with an overweight girl. While he doesn’t feel for her at all, he agrees because he feels he is in no position to reject anyone. Annie, meanwhile has given up on finding someone after series of rejecting and rejections. With no other option in sight her maternal aunt (Karuna Pandey) advises Annie to woo Pushpender, as he also works in Dubai. To do that, first she tries to break of his marriage but all her efforts are futile. But to her good luck, Pushpender’s mother (Vibha Chibber) calls off the alliance when the to-be-bride’s family refuses to pay dowry. Annie straight away tells Pushpinder that she wants to get married, and with Pushpinder who is infatuated by her, instantly agrees. While Pushpinder is overjoyed, Annie is even more delighted but her happiness was shattered soon after she finds out he has lost his Dubai job and has taken up a position in Bhopal. What happens next, forms the rest of the film.

The film’s story has a good potential but fails to live up to it. The basic idea seems a bit farfetched as well. While the story is simple, it just isn’t entertaining enough. The writing isn’t consistent but the dialogues are funny. The first half engages you but the film dips post interval. The characters are hard to relate and the you don’t really root for any of them.

Technically, the film is decent. Cinematography by Suhas Gujrathi is quite nice. He has captured the essence of Bhopal well. Editing by Kathikuloth Praveen is acceptable. The music works well with the film’s narrative. The background score is nice. The production design and the costume design were appropriate and realistic. There was a lot of scope for improvement with respect to writing.

Performance wise, the film was good. Nawazuddin gives a great performance but he is far from his best in this film. It could be because of the way the character has been written. Athiya Shetty has done brilliantly in this film and takes you by surprise. Vibha Chibber is decent. The rest of the cast offer able support.

Director Debamitra Biswal shows promise but it isn’t up to the mark. A few scenes have been handled really well while some could have been better. There was a bit of inconsistency.


At the box-office

The film has opened to dull houses everywhere and will find, going tough.

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