Over the last few years, Akshay Kumar has had on an average 2-3 films releasing at critical points in a year; be it a holiday or a normal weekend release. Over the years we have seen his steady rise in the industry. But in this year we have especially seen a rise in his sheer star pull. There are way too many variables/reasons for the same, but the major reason I feel, personally, is that he really now has become a name which the general audiences have now started to take a liking for; they know now for a fact that whenever a product is out which has Akshay’s name attached to it, in any capacity, but especially as an actor, the major thing the audiences know is that they will be entertained and they are guaranteed a good time in the cinema.

This isn’t something that has happened overnight for him though. He has worked towards it since so many years and it is only now, in the last few years and majorly in this year that he is reaping the benefits of the same. His previous highest grossing Hindi film was ROWDY RATHORE (2012) which grossed over INR 132cr. This number was finally crushed about seven years later when his film KESARI released this year on Holi and it went on ti do a lifetime total of INR 150cr at the boxoffice and eventually become the highest grossing Akshay Kumar Hindi Film ever. Earlier this month on the Independence day his latest MISSION MANGAL got released and the film opened to a big number. The opening advance for the film was phenomenal and the reason for all of these attributes are what we mentioned earlier. People know when his films come out that they’re guaranteed entertainers and they guarantee a good time in the cinema.

Another commendable and honestly a brilliant thing about him is that he hasn’t given a bad film in a REALLY long time now, which is just adding up, which is a great facet for an actor to develop in the long career that he’s had. Talking about MISSION MANGAL again, the film right now at the Indian box office has crossed INR 172cr. which is again higher than his last highest grossing film KESARI, making it his highest grossing Hindi film, ever and the film is still going on in theaters, and whatever number it gets on to this week it’s going to be higher anyway.

Akshay has already broken the glass ceiling and he’s continued to do that simply because he’s become a force to recon with in the Industry. Not since Aamir Khan, people were guaranteed entertainment or a good film, period. It is a great thing for the industry and obviously for himself.

In the remainder if the year he has two more releases ti look upto. One being HOUSEFULL 4 which releases in Diwali and is expected to be a major film and then he has GOOD NEWS which is releasing during New Year’s this year. This is again a great thing for everyone – fans and even the trade in general because he has four releases this year and potentially each of his films could break the highest gross that he keeps setting with his films. He has found this consistancy with which he is performing and giving hits on top of hits. It’s going to be a great scenario the last few months where we will get to see him twice in the matter of just a month.

As they say, consistency is the key and Akshay is Mr.  Consistent.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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