MR. KABAADI is helmed by Om Puri’s ex-wife Seema Kapoor and boasts of talents like Anu Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and Sarika who have performed extremely well especially Vinay Pathak. The film starts with a narration by Satish Kaushik with the introduction of Channu Khan (late Om Puri) selling ‘mohabbaton ka ittar’ and ‘hasraton ka surma’ in the basti of the kabaadi walas (scrap dealers). The template gets established instantly. If you believed that it’s all about Channu Khan then be prepared, the movie is the story of Kallu (Annu Kapoor), his wife (Sarika) and their children. Kallu a scrap dealer gets the lady luck smiling on him and he becomes rich overnight after he inherits the wealth of his late uncle. Kallu’s life changes and he escapes from his identity and he starts looking down towards his fellow kabaadis. Kallu tries his best to live like a high society amir but his pauper past prevents him to do so. Kallu’s son played by Rajveer Singh is happy with his business of public toilets by the name ‘durlabh sochnalaya’ and his daughter falls in love with a guy from Manipur. Vinay Pathak plays the brother in law of kallu who has eloped with the girl from an upper caste family. This OM PURI swansong could have been better.

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