This film is interesting but a morbid and dreary watch as it deals with the perennial truth of humans- death and how to face it. Varanasi is said to be a holy place on the banks of Ganga and it is believed that whoever is cremated at the banks of the sacred river Ganges gets moksha or salvation. One such ailing old man is  Dayanand Kumar (Lalit Behl)  who is almost on the verge of dying and his son Rajeev  (Adil Hussain) brings him to Varanasi  where the learned priests predict the day of the death of its inhabitants and then burn their bodies at the river banks according to the Hindu holy rites. But Lalit Behl is an active man mentally and physically and wants to enjoy his last few days much to the chagrin of his son whose daughter creates tension for him to refuse to marry the boy he has chosen for her. And he is also pained to just wait for his father to die and wants to take him home but his father refuses and spends his last days at Varanasi till he passes away. The director has a very sensitive subject but he has laced it with some grim humor in especially the father son sequences. Geetanjali Kulkarni  as Rajeev’s wife and Palomi Ghosh as his daughter have given justice to their characters.  Navindra Behl as Dayanand’s friend and guide and an ally in death is wonderful.  The film is well made but it’s only for those who like arty films and there is no commercial value to the film.

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