With an aim to fight with Spotify and Amazon Music, YouTube has launched its paid service, YouTube Premium and music streaming app, YouTube Music, in India. YouTube Premium will be available for Rs 129 a month, and will also include membership to YouTube Music Premium. The service will offer an ad-free experience with background play and offline downloads for millions of videos on YouTube, as well as access to all YouTube Originals.

YouTube Music meanwhile will be available in both ad supported free version as well as paid membership that allows users to play songs and videos in the background, while toggling between apps. YouTube Music Premium will also also offers offline downloads, at a price of Rs 99 a month. Under a special introductory offer, allowing 3 months’ free subscription of YouTube Music Premium. Subscribers of Google Play Music will get YouTube Music Premium membership as part of their subscription each month. 

Meanwhile, Amazon has it’s yearly subscription at rs 999 a year which includes prime video, music as well as shopping. Spotify recently launched in India as well and is priced at rs 119 a month. Apple also has a similar pricing of rs 120 a month but has a family sharing option where you can add upto 6 devices.

With so many music streaming services now available in India, the fight to be on the top has just intensified. Not to forget the Indian music streaming services like JioSaavn and Gaana. There are so many features that each of them offer and some unique than the others. For listeners you are snobs when it come to technicality, they prefer services that offer the highest quality of sound that the service can offer, compressed/uncompressed.

For instance, Spotify Premium offers 320kbps streaming while Apple offers it’s trademark lossless streaming. Another thimg that will greatly matter is the content and the songs that will be available on the streaming platforms. For instance, Spotify being a relatively new name in the Indian market doesn’t have a lot of albums that are already available on Apple Music and vice versa. Also, the prices at which the services are offered, though there’s mot much difference in pricing at this point, will matter a lot. It will certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top and how.

But aren’t we glad that we can close the YouTube app without stopping the music now? 

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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