Certificate: A

Director: Samir Soni

Starring: Sanjay Suri, Nora Fatehi & Zenia Starr

Writers: Samir Soni & Vrushali Telang

Music: Rajeev V Bhalla, Ajay Govind, Nitin K. Menon, Joy Barua & Pawan Rasaily

What would you do if you have one of the worst imaginable nightmares and wake up to find that you are living it bit by bit? That is the basic premise of Samir Soni’s My Birthday Song. The concept, in all honesty is quite interesting. But such a concept has already been explored in a lot of bollywood films already. When the film opens, we’re at the 40th birthday party of advertising hotshot Rajiv Kaul (Sanjay Suri). A beautiful, mysterious woman (Nora Fatehi) stands out in the room full of revelers, and with his wife away Rajiv doesn’t hold back when the opportunity presents itself. Things, however, take a turn for the tragic soon after they move to the bedroom. When Rajiv wakes up in the morning, there are no traces of the previous night’s excesses. The incident repeats itself, until it is clear that wherever Rajiv turns, he will be unable to hide. Is it just a nightmare or did he actually have a glimpse of what his fortieth birthday held for him? Is he a victim of a practical joke it is he a victim of someone’s evil plans? Or, maybe, he is just imagining things? This could have been an interesting film, if it truly delved into the minefield of betrayal and lust, especially because its lead is Sanjay Suri, whose effortlessness is part of his charm. The actor has portrayed complex characters with elan before and My Birthday Song rides completely on his shoulders. The dialogues are mostly in English or English mixed with Hindi and that is in keeping with the milieu to which the characters belong. Nora Fatehi as Sandy is used frugally as an actor and yet, she leaves her mark with her beauty and sexuality. Zenia Starr, as Rajiv’s wife Ritu, has little screen presence to get your attention. My Birthday Song has Purab Kohli and Pitobash in guest appearances and both are wasted.


At the box-office

The film will be a dud.

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