This film has a very touching tale of a very lonely lady who lives alone in a mansion in Shimla with her birds and dogs and locked rooms without daylight and she rarely comes out of her mansion. Her life changes when a school girl  Ana (Madahi Imam) starts writing love letters to her as her old friend Ved which changes her outlook towards life and she comes down to Delhi after selling all her property in Shimla because the school girl’s another friend Ira ( Shreya Chaudhary) writes a letter to Mayadevi  (Manisha Koirala) with the address in Delhi but Mayadevi is shocked to know that there is no one named Ved as mentioned in the letters or the address but stays on and life takes a turn for her when the whole world conspires to make her life happier and she is a changed person when a jewelery designer Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra falls in love with her and they marry and adopt a boy. The guilt ridden friends who had written those letters had come looking after Mayadevi and they are happy to see that Mayadevi is one happy lady now. Also interspersed in these are the sub-tracks of the relationship between the two school girls and also a handsome boy Sahil Shroff who gets the affirmative reply from a doubtful girl.  Manisha Koirala is back in form as the reclusive lady Mayadevi and she reminds one of the performance of Jennifer Kendal in 36 Chowringee Lane.Madahi Imam, Shreya Chaudhary, are very impressive. Sahil Shroff looks good and acts well.  It’s good to see director Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra in a sweet cameo. Director Sunaina Bhatnagar presents the sensitive nuances of the characters in a very effective way that only a female director can. Though the plot resembles The Pawn Shop Next Door and How Green is My Valley.  The music by Anupam Roy is good. The DOP has captured the Shimla and Delhi locales very well. 

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