Produced By: Aruna Bhatia, Shital Bhatia

Directed By: Shivam Nair

Starring: Tapsee Pannu, Manoj Bajpayee, Prithviraj Sukumaram, Virendra Saxena & Taher Shabbir.


30 Crores

Estimated Budget


4 Crores

Opening Day Collection

‘Naam Shabana’ is a spy thriller film which is very unique in every way. Neeraj Pandey is the maker of the film so it has a certain level of excitement in the audience for
its story. We see Akshay Kumar and few more playing cameos in the film. The film is set to release on 31 March, 17.


‘NaamShabana’ is an action thriller film which is most awaited one till now. Taapsee is back with a lot more this time as we see in the trailer she is a spy where we see her doing
few stunts. Taapsee had a small role as an undercover spy and in its spin off we see how she gets to be a spy. Also the film brings back all the cameos played in ‘Baby’ including Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and more. As we see the two minutes trailer it tells us the story of Shabana who gets trained for a spy agent and how she solves the cases where in we also see Akshay’s power pact performance.


After mesmerising all with her stellar performance in Shoojit Sircar’s Pink, Taapsee Pannu is back— with a bang! ‘Naam Shabana’ is a first of its kind in Indian Cinema, with a woman spy. Taapsee impresses with her action while Akki makes an appearance towards the end of the trailer and packs a punch with his dialogues. Naam Shabana showcases Shabana’s journey, portrayed by Taapsee Pannu, of becoming an undercover agent and highlights her intense martial arts training sessions and action stunts.

The Khiladi actor also trained Taapsee for the film, which is India’s first spin-off , based on her character in ‘Baby’. Taapsee’s intense training in the mixed martial arts has surely helped the actor with her stunt sequences, choreographed by Hollywood stunt director, Cyril Raffaelli. The trailer is equal parts action and drama — spotlighting Taapsee’s transformation from a civilian to an agent. Shabana is trained by Ajay Singh Rajput, and theme of the film seems to be Shabana’s revenge.

Taapsee’s caliber comes across as an actor in every frame. The trailer has managed to keep audiences at the edge of their seats, wondering about Shabana’s mission and the intelligence agency’s intentions.

A Spin- Off

As we see the trailer there are quite a new things to see like, Tapsee in full Fledge action. The first trailer of the film was appreciated and now the second one has upped its thrill quotient. We saw her in the film ‘Baby’ playing a role of spy agent and now the story has spin off in ‘Naam Shabana’. This is a prequel to the story of ‘Baby’ and the story revolves around the protagonist and how does she become an undercover agent.This would be the first film in Bollywood having a prequel which kind of creates excitement with its unique idea and story.

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