Certificate: U

Director: Faraz Haider

Starring: Abhay Deol, Patralekhaa, Rajesh Sharma and Manu Rishi Chadha

Screenplay: Manu Rishi Chadha

Dialogue: Manu Rishi Chadha

Sajid Qureshi’s NANU KI JAANU is a remake of the 2014 Tamil Hit PISAASU a sober horror flick but the director of NANU KI JAANU decided to turn it into a horror comedy flick. The films starts with Nanu (Abhay Deol) and his gang barge into the house of an elderly man and threaten him to sign his flat’s ownership papers where Nanu and his gang are staying as tenants and this is what their business is they make people sell their homes to him at cheaper price, and then sells it to others for more money. Soon we see an event takes place in Nanu’s life by which he is highly upset and cannot focus on his work, he transforms from a ruthless, blustering criminal who intimidates innocent people to an emotional good guy which is not good for his business. To add more problems in his life enters a ghost in his house who does not allow him to drink beer and creates some havocs in his life (not funny though). This Abhay Deol starrer is a lame and bird brain movie which apart from three to four scenes does not entertain much but rather teaches us a few road safety lessons and also that women’s need to fight against domestic violence. And also the film has a little bit of suspense, which is predictable. While the story is interesting, the execution is flawed. The first half at least has a few funny scenes but the second half is just too stretched and boring. The film is neither entertaining nor frightening.

Technically the film is okay, Editing is fine and cinematography is good in some scenes, the music sticks to the genre as it horrifies you, as you listen to it. Writing of the first half is good and bearable but second half is just too long and unbearable.

Abhay Deol tries to carry this writing mess on his shoulder but cannot do much because of the writing and execution of the story. He tries hard to stay on to his sanity but is not able to impress. Patraleekha is the female lead in the film but has only a handful of scenes which does not justify her talent as an actor. Rajesh Sharma plays his part well, though his part is too melodramatic but the show stealer is Manu Rishi, he has perhaps the best lines in the movie and also he plays his role very well and is able to make the viewers laugh a little bit in a few scenes but only in a certain scenes in the first half.

Director had an interesting story to play with but is not able to execute it nicely; he has put in a lot of effort to entertain the audiences but falls miserably. The films hold no fun and entertainment.


At the box-office,

The film has opened to lukewarm response but given its low cost could sail through.

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