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‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’ starring Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Arshad Warsi and Shreyas Talpade has hit the marquee. Writer-director Neeraj Pathak talks about the film…

How did the idea of ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’ came?
As an audience, I feel that considering today’s day and age, I want to make a film which makes people smile and laugh. I wanted to make an entertaining film. For instance, I love films like ‘Welcome’, ‘No Entry’, because even my kids tell me to go to watch such films. So, even my films should be suitable for the family to go and watch. That’s where the thought of ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’ started from and then slowly it turned into something like this. I got a first-class cast on board, with a good script that entertains people.

How did you get this cast on board?
I’m very close to Sunny ji, and he has always supported me. We worked together last in ‘Right Or Wrong’. He heard the script and he liked. Then we were thinking, who will play the wife. Many names came to our mind and we thought of Preity. She was not doing movies at that point, but Sunny still asked her to meet me and hear the script. Preity actually met me to say no but when I started narrating the script to her, it went on for about four hours and after that, we chit-chatted for 2-3 more hours. She told me, I’ve put her in a dilemma of whether I should do the film or not because I’m not working in movies at the moment. So, I told her, do the film, you have many fans! When Preity came on board, we wanted the rest of the cast to be good so then Arshad, Shreyas and Ameesha came on board. Then we had, Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi, and many more actors on board.

Today, we have this trend of meaningful cinema. Amidst that, did you have any apprehension to make a film of this genre? Although, certainly many must be missing good movies from the comedy genre…
I was sure that people need entertainment. The meaning of the film should be that you enjoy funny moments, smile and leave the theatre.

What was the challenge on this film?  It also took a while to make the film…
When we started shooting, we had some legal issues. After that, it took time to get the cast right and get their dates. Writing took a while since you need to get the script right first. We made the film in 2016-17 and now released it. Today, it’s not just important to make the film, but you need to also get the release date right, and the marketing right. It’s important for everything to be in place and that’s challenging. But I’m sure that once people come into the theatres, they won’t be disappointed.

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