Interview By: Hasti Doshi

She is a girl next door and has already win hearts. Neha Sharma who has always been bubbly and loving with her image on screen and off screen is really excited to launch her app. She has won many hearts and has a great fan following and now it’s time for her to give back love through this app. There are lots of interesting things on this app where you can follow her and have a sneak peek through her life. She tells us about this app in this quick chat. 

“My app going to be whole new level of interaction with my fans”

What are the things you are going to take up for being available for your fans on app?

You know the live option is also there. Now you have live chats on Face book and on Instagram so the same way the app also has the live option. But apart from that here you can Handel the Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat everything in this app, so you can just go to the app and you can see everything I am doing in my life or in general. There would be exclusive videos from me and there would be photos which are exclusive. Now that there is the whole team working for this app so now we will have lot of behind the scenes videos to be shooting for this app. So this is going to be whole new level of interaction with my fans, one on one and there would be some contests. Also my makeup tricks and my styling everything are going to be there.

How the thought of launching app did came to you?

Thankfully, I didn’t have to come up with the idea of this app because this Escape X came up with the idea for me. So they approached me and told me you can do all these things on this app and I was like this is great idea and I would love to do it.

Now days as we see lot of them coming up with these applications, what will make you app different?
No I feel that every actor is very different from other actor and I don’t see any other Neha Sharma in terms of personality or anything else. There are no two of same personality, so I think everyone’s app is going to be about them and it has to be different and it will be different eventually because everyone thinks differently. So my app is going to be different from what Salman khan is doing or sunny Leone is doing. Apart from that saying there are many things different in this app. You know when Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat came on we didn’t knew are we gonna do this but now everyone is doing it and now these app there are millions of apps but we use it. The content that I am going to put is going to be something I think of and it not going to be genetic content which 10 celebrities say that we are planning to do this and that which is going to be similar. So this is something I would be doing with my own interests and personal decision. Bringing content on my app will be like something I want to put out so that would be different as everybody thinks differently.

Whom did you collaborate for this idea? Tell us about the collaboration.

Escape X is this company who is making these apps and they have all these variety of ideas and concepts and how to make this app run for which I don’t have to use my brain, nor do I want to because there are millions things on my plate. It is amazing collaboration and they have amazing people in the team who have their apps with them and globally also they have lot of people and also in India they have lot of people.

How excited are you for this app?

I am very excited and can’t you see that (laughing). I didn’t sleep last night because this is something I was really looking forward to. It is a great platform and I am really happy to use it the way I want it.

What would you like to tell your fans through this app?

I would like to say that there are going to be lot of interesting things, we are looking at some contests, games, exclusive videos, behind the scenes and lot of exclusive footage from my life that I have never put out on any other medium before.

Will it be easy to be always active on app and give up content to your fans which makes them happy?
It might be a difficult thing for a person if you are doing everything on your own and that’s why I am very happy that I have a team behind who will help me to do all those things because, I want to reach out to the fans but it’s difficult to do it on your own. So here Escape X is going to do shooting bit of it, and putting it out bit of it.

What are you looking forward now?

There is ‘Mubarakan’ which is releasing on 28 July which I will be having special appearance for and I am excited about it. Then there are few films I am excited about and they are important for me which I can’t talk about right now as they are not announced.

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