This is the story of a girl akin to the Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi wherein Nirbhaya (Yogita Dandekar) gets raped in a bus by miscreants where she is travelling late night with her boyfriend (Omkar Karve). Then she joins a group of Naxalites and becomes their leader but during a bomb explosion she gets injured and she is brought to a local doctor’s house (Kishor Mahabole) who stays there with his wife but the doctor says that the police should be informed and that Nirbhaya should be admitted in a proper hospital for treatment but the Naxalites threaten him and kidnap his wife and demand that she be treated in their house itself. The doctor is in a dilemma and he is a good and fair man and helps to treat Nirbhaya but request the Naxalite group to leave his wife as soon as possible. Finally Nirbhaya is treated and then she comes down to do her last mission ,a human bomb explosion but she has a change of heart after some advice from the good director. Yogita Dandekar essays the role of Nirbhaya very well.Smita Jaykar is very good. Aniket Kelkar as a cop who is frustrated with the war against Naxalites and the pitfalls in the police force is very good. Kishore Mahabhole as the good director is impressive. The actors who play the Naxalites are a good team of actors. The film is technically good. The music is okay. Overall a good film with a good message.

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