Certificate: A

Director: Subroto Paul & Pradeep Rangwani

Starring: Arbaaz Khan, Mahek Chahal, Ashmit Patel & Manjari Phadnis

Writer: Amit Khan

Music: Liyaqat Ajmeri & Harry Anand

This film is a murder mystery which will keep you glued to your seats till the surprising climax. Ashmit Patel and Manjari Phadnis are a very much in love couple but their home turns topsy-turvy when a glamorous model actor (Mahek Chahal) comes in as a paying guest in their house and Manjari who is a media professional and keeps late hours finds that her husband is in a relationship with Mehak and that one of their pesky neighbors Rana (Mukul Dev) has shot a video of their act in bed and he starts blackmailing Manjari and wants to have a physical relationship with her but an aghast Manjari is accused of murdering Rana and a very Dirty Harry kind of cop Lokhande ( Arbaaz Khan) thinks that Manjari is the murderer but shields her by not revealing the murder weapon so the accusations against Manjari don’t hold water in the court and she goes scot free. Lokhande knows about what circumstances Manjari has committed the murder and hence is soft towards her. The murder mystery is very interesting as there are many accused and one is the killer in true Akira Kurosawa’s classic Rashoman style. Manjari Phadnis rises a few notches up with her murder accused portrayal with great emotions and angst. Arbaaz Khan is impressive as the tough cop. Ashmit Patel has a brief role but does well. Mukul Dev is very impressive and is a welcome to Hindi screen after his South and Punjab sojourn. Mahek Chahal looks glamorous and does a good act. She is bound to go places. Astad Kale as the vitriolic politico has prospects. The rest of the cast does well. The songs are melodious and well picturized. The film is a good one time see.


At the box-office

The film is a complete washout.

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