This is a story of an established actor who has been in thick of things when it comes to movies. But the sad reality is that the earlier statement was a fact a few years now. It’s been a tough couple of years on the actor. None of his movies have worked at the box-office at all and now it seems that good scripts aren’t turning up on his doorstep either. But the actor was still at it trying to get to his golden days once again. He managed to get a good director to get him a decent script and the actor thought he would be at his peak in no time. The actor told the director and the producer to approach a few top actresses who the actor has worked with in his past for this good role in the film. However he was in for a rude shock when all of the actresses refused to be paired opposite him. That’s not all, the filmmaker went behind the actors back and went to a few more actresses on his personal hunch but all of those actresses refused to be a part of the film also. Now the director is of the opinion that a new girl should be launched opposite the actor, but the actor refused that option. It seems now that movie is going to be shelved and the actor is going to get back to hunting for another good script for his ‘comeback’! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine