This movie mounts the sets as early as ten days and the makers have made all the right kinds of buzz around the film to begin with. But the fact of the matter still remains that the makers haven’t been able to lock a studio to back the project. The makers have a leading lady locked for the project who is on the up these days as her last few movies have worked wonders at the box-office. So getting a studio locked for her solo film shouldn’t be an issue on paper. But as things would have it the maker is asking for the moon to safe guard his investment which isn’t a wrong thing but the maker needs to understand that burdening the film early on with unnecessary is not the wisest bet always. Let’s hope they do find a studio soon enough to back the project because there have been many examples of such cases when movies have failed to mount because of such issues. Hope better sense prevails. CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine