This actor has been ruling the roost for a while now and there is a certain bit of credit for his stardom goes to this filmmaker. The filmmaker has always stuck with this actor and in the past this actor has given some of his biggest blockbusters with this filmmaker at helm of things. So it was only natural that the filmmaker approached the actor for his next as well. On paper the project already looks like a winner if this actor is a part of the proceedings. But it seems that the actor is not too excited about this particular movie. The actor is seriously contemplating telling the filmmaker that he doesn’t want to be a part of his latest movie, but apparently is not getting a proper way to say the same. As the actor feels that he needs to give a good excuse to the maker for opting out of this project. But if the actor doesn’t get around saying what he feels to the filmmaker soon it will be too late as the project is on the verge of being announced. Let’s wait and watch how this actor literally acts his way out of this one BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine