Here is the curious case of this actor who is known to keep to himself. His last few movies have worked and it looks like some of that success has made its way to his head straight. But people in the industry are okay to take his idiosyncrasies till it doesn’t hamper with his work. But that is apparently the same line this actor crossed recently. So according to our sources this actor was shooting for some patch work for his upcoming movie recently in the city. The director did most of the stuff during the day and a few more shots were to be filmed in the evening as well. The actor was told to hang back in his vanity as there was going to be an extended break for a couple of hours till the light was right for the director to film. When the time was right and more importantly the light was right the director asked his assistant to summon the actor back on the set but to everyone’s shock he had already left the set and made his way to his holiday home on the outskirts of the city. The fuming director controlled his impulse and continued to shoot sans the actor and made others from his unit stand in as his body-double in a few of the shots as well. We hope better sense prevails and the actor changes his ways soon because a tarnished reputation in the industry goes a long way! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine