This biopic has been in talks in the industry corridors for the longest time. The movie at one point had a big actor and a big director attached to it, but something has gone stale and the once great prospect is now a distant dream. The original producer is the one who has got the movie to this predicament. He was initially okay co-producing the movie with one production house. But had a sudden change of heart and have now decided against working with them for no apparent reason. While the producer knew very well that director is attached to the project because of the other production house. The first producer has still chosen to get the movie completely back to square one. The big actor too was keen to be a part of the movie because of production house number two and the director. But now the big actor too has decided to back out of the project. The first producer is now fishing for some of the biggest actors in the industry but the fact of the matter is no will actually bite if a good director is not at the helm of this film. It will be interesting to see who turns up to first direct and then eventually act in this movie which now seems to be going cold for the parties concerned. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine