This veteran actor has been around the block so much that he knows how things work and also knows when it’s important to cash in all your chips. That is exactly what he did when this major film studio approached him for one of the key roles in one of their upcoming mega films. The actor had kept his ears to the ground and already knew that the production house were finding it difficult to cast the role they were coming to him for. That is the reason he immediately gave his elusive nod to do the movie. But that obviously came in with a catch; the catch was that he demanded a hefty fee to be a part of the film. The producers were obviously in for a rude shock as they had never calculated that this actor would actually ask for an absurd amount like this. But according to our sources, the production house had to bow down to the actor’s demands because they genuinely were out of options. Classic case of how one should not put all their eggs in one basket. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine