The trends in films in Bollywood have changed over the years and have constantly kept changing. From doing films with big stars to doing films on a grand scale with huge production values to doing biopics to doing content driven film now looks like we have come a full circle; every big actor, every big director is now looking to do these so called tent-pole films which are big on names, big on mounting, big on sets, big on action/comedy/whichever genre, and it is coming back in a major way.

In the last decade or so, we had stayed away from making such kind of films in India. We had focused on making these more realistic, more relatable films. Ever since BAHUBALI THE BEGINNING (2015) came out, and then BAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION (2017) came out and seeing the numbers those films did, just gave that sort of confidence to the makers in India, especially in Bollywood to really go for the juggernaut and have major films with big stars, expressive settings, elaborate sets and also massive budgets.

In the 80s, 90s and even probably 70s, we saw big films with big actors collaborating with one another and that was one of the biggest feature of Bollywood films which somehow lost its charm in the new age with the sort of movie making ideology that everyone started to follow in the last decade or so.

But all of that is about to change, if you see movies like BRAHMASTRA, TAKHT, which Karan Johar announced this week, SHAMSHERA or THUGS OF HINDOSTAN or HOUSEFULL 4, TAANAJI by Ajay Devgn, PANIPAT and there are many more. All of these films are big in mounting and big in presence and that is amazing to see how Bollywood is coming a full circle and we are trying to do things one more time in that huge tent-pole scenario. Also, in the last year or two, films have been doing really well and that also gives the confidence to the filmmakers to express themselves in a more natural way. Look at how YRF is setting up its films or announcing its films or how Karan is doing it, be it KESARI, be it TAKHT, be it BHRAMASTRA. These guys are pushing the envelope to go for big films and it is only fuelled by the how the films are working so well all across the board in the last two years or so. Last few years also we saw how Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done these historicals like PADMAAVAT and BAJIRAO MASTANI. Even DILWALE to a certain extent and also HAPPY NEW YEAR were those kind of films. But maybe time wasn’t right for a DILWALE or a HAPPY NEW YEAR then; though HAPPY NEW YEAR was a super hit.

I think producers and directors now understand the importance of big mounted tent-pole films, which sort of was missing in the last few years and it’s a welcome change and may this trend continue for years to come because we do need such films where audiences leave everything and get themselves to the theatres, enjoy the atmosphere and dramatics of a big film and actually experience the larger than  life experience the film has to offer and also at the same time enjoy the coming of age, the slice of life films, the smaller films and the quirky surprises we love during the span of the year. Somehow these big film scenarios was missing and now I think it’s making a proper comeback and it’s a great change.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine