Last week in America, Netflix changed the movie and web game once and for all when they launched a SuperBowl trailer for their next big venture THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX and then in a few hours, after the SuperBowl was over, they released the movie on their network. That was the first time Netflix had ever done that. CLOVERFIELD is a decent franchise in North America; the last movie in the series 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE which released in November of 2016 went on to do a business of a lifetime gross of $ 72 million.

Netflix brought the movie from the parent studio Paramount for a whopping $ 50 million in late 2016 and turned around this third part of the instalment in just over a year’s time. What makes this whole thing very interesting is that THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX has had over five million views on Netflix in its first week in America alone (getting viewership numbers from all across the world is an issue right now). If five million people watched the latest CLOVERFIELD movie in the cinemas in North America that would give it a $ 45 million opening!

But the reason I’m stating these numbers is because this past week, a first Hindi Netflix original movie was put on the popular streaming website; LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT starring Vicky Kaushal in the lead. Neflix picked the movie from Ronnie Screvwala’s company RSVP for a decent cost and gave it their normal one month of publicity and released it successfully. With digital advent every week growing and data all across our country is been consumed by the truck loads. We as a film industry should also now gear up for all these changes like they’re happening in the west.

It might not be Netflix next time around but an Indian streaming platform like Alt Balaji which would be making original movies or franchise movies only for the web consumption. The thing is that, we ought to be ready for these kind of fundamental changes which could not only change the way we consume content online but also in the cinemas.

LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT is the beginning and we already know a few more Hindi movies which could be heading to this kind of a direction. Trade Magazine