Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Nushrat Bharucha is spunky and her expressive brown eyes flash fire. Like most greenhorns, her short career in Bollywood is dotted with hits and misses, but today everything else is overshadowed with the box office numbers of her last release, ‘ ‘PKP2.’ She is set to share screen space with her ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ co-stars Kartik Aaryan and Sunny Singh in Luv Rajan’s latest ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’. While Nushrat is romancing Sunny, she is at war with Kartik in this rom-com. Read on…

To begin with why are you so choosy with films, isn’t it unfair for your fans?

I wish the fans could say something like this to our filmmakers because I’m not choosy but I want to do a film where I am having fun and I believe I’ve not done any films till now where I am only dancing or I’m just looking pretty, it makes no sense to me and I won’t enjoy doing that.  So, I am not getting the kind of work I want to do. My films have done business but not sustained business where you become that sort of a name, where different kind of cinema is offered to you. So here is where I get stuck and think I might as well work with the people I know. Not that I’ve not tried it, but it didn’t work. I like doing things in which I put all my belief in.

So, does that become a challenge to find the success outside Luv Ranjan’s films?
It’s not a challenge to find success outside Luv Ranjan’s films, it’s a challenge to find the kind of films you want to do outside Luv Ranjan’s films because we as a team have done four films together because we come from the same sensibility. And I am no one to lie about if I don’t have films, I don’t have films!

What was the main attraction factor for you in this film?
With this film after PKP 1 and 2, being a girl in Luv Ranjan’s film I am doing which is not a caricature – if you see ‘PKP 1’ and 2, girls are not literally the way it’s shown, it was beacause of the effect we had to behave like that, so from PKP to this film there is a shift , here I got to be a little normal, I get to be realistic and it sort of gives me a sense of positivity.

As you said, you not getting roles as you liked so what kind of roles you would like to do?

I would have given a leg to do ‘Highway’. Films like ‘Udta Punjab’, Dedh Ishqiya’ , something like ‘Badlapur’. I would love to do a film which has grey shade in it.

You’ve done ‘Akaash Vani’, don’t you think it was ahead of its time?
It’s not about the film being ahead of its time, the fact was that we were not as big as stars to kind of pull it off. If it was made with a bigger star it would have worked and it’s true. We came as young people and then we did drama, why would people go to weep?  They expected something from us that was funny because the audiences came to watch us keeping in mind ‘PKP’. Suddenly from comedy to real space, people didn’t accept us.

So, don’t you think you’ve been stereotyped with this genre?

Yes, I say that, in fact forget films, in personal life I am not going to get anyone  ( laughs) people have taken me as the PKP girl so I’ve been stereotyped to that level which I am not.  And I don’t know how to break that. For that, people will have to see my work then they will be able to  see my other side.

“It's not a challenge to find success outside Luv Ranjan's films, it's a challenge to find the kind of films you want to do outside Luv Ranjan’s films”

Does it add a pressure on you with each film you come, in terms of you being the face of the film ever since the first part?

I’ve never felt a pressure because I’ve been working with the same people so it’s the same thing, it’s a very comfortable environment so it doesn’t feel like pressure.  But as an actor even if I am delivering a line I feel a pressure as to if I’ve done it right or wrong.  You know it’s amazing that in all my four films with Luv sir I’ve not even once seen the monitor after a take, even in this film I’ve not seen a single frame. It’s like how you perform in a theatre and what’s been capture you have no idea so it’s that and I like it.  If I only start thinking of performing in front of camera it will take away a lot of things I can explore as an actor so I do it carefreely so there’s no stress in it.

Are you open to do web series?
Yes, but again I should like it, it just has to work for me. And I watch a lot of international series so I would like to do something like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘Friends’.  Thriller and all would like to do much later for now more of real space.

How has your relationship evolved with your co-stars and director over these years?
We are a big happy family (laughs). Every family has 500 problems so we fight, we don’t like each other at times but I think I am able to be most honest with Luv sir, not the two boys because every artist has its own space and no one likes somebody else to come in that space. So I kind of, be away from their space in terms of performances and not relationship. But there is one person where I have all the rights to say anything is Luv sir, he is one person I can look upon or fight with and the next day everything will be fine and back to normal also.  The fact that you can be that honest gives me so much peace of mind. As fear is not there and you don’t think how should one behave.  It genuinely gives me that freedom to perform.

What’s next?
Nothing to be very honest but that is what it is. I don’t think I’ll be able to take on something now which will be completely what I want to do because people are not accepting me for who I am, they still want me to see  the way I was in my previous films.  So I am waiting for that stereotype to break with this film. No matter how much ever impact it does and then I’ll see what I can do further.

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