This producer has been going through a little bit of a rough patch up until this year. His past movies have struggled to find an audience and there have been a few which have not yet seen the light of the day either. So when he finally got the ball rolling on a few of his upcoming movies things were looking up for him and his production house finally. It felt like the tide was finally changing on him and his company. So when he couldn’t make it to the first day of the shoot of his new movie many on his new movie’s set including his director and actors felt that it was work that was keeping the producer away. But after a few calls the unit found out that the producer was actually out vacationing in a nice European beach town while his unit was slogging away at another foreign locale. The director understandably lost his cool and demanded the producer cut short his vacation and report on set. And the producer had to do just that. Amazing how people have their priorities set all wrong. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine