Here is an interesting and intriguing tale of this movie which has been in the public knowledge for a very long time. The movie was initially announced with a different set of actors but things couldn’t materialize and the actors walked away from the film and as a result the was put on the back burner for a long time post that. Then another set of actors were approached once time had passed as the filmmakers behind the film very strongly believe in the subject matter. But things eventually did not go as planned once again for the poor filmmakers and the actors who were attached to the project both left the film citing legitimate reasons for the same. Now the makers were back on square one and this time around didn’t want to spend time waiting and approached all the actors they felt suited the part, however as luck would’ve it the actors liked the film but all of them had major scheduling conflicts given the tight frame of time the makers wanted to execute the film. Now the makers have no option but to put their beloved script back on the back burner but they still haven’t given up on the film or their intention to make it. Sad, but then such is the life dearies. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine