Certificate: U/A

Director: Ashok Nanda

Starring: Anupam Kher, Kumud Mishra, Esha Gupta

Written by: Alaukik Rahi

ONE DAY is a film about a judge who takes justice into his own hands. What the judge couldn’t do because of the law and its defined limits, Justice Tyagi (Anupam Kher) decides to do after his retirement; punish the people he knew are guilty and used law itself to find their way out. He systematically plans and abducts and confronts his targets, whose deeds have resulted in death or killings of innocent people. While they are held captive, he gives them an option, confess to their crimes or die. But while all this, he also tortures his victims constantly. Meanwhile the cops try and figure out the disappearance of people in the city, starting with a Doctor Couple (Murli Sharma& Deepshika Nagpal), then a hotelier Pankaj Singh (Rajesh Sharma) and then a mechanic, with investigation being led by Inspector Sharma (Kumud Mishra). Since their investigation into the missing persons lead nowhere and another person after the doctors go missing, a crime branch officer Laxmi Rathi (Esha Gupta), is the called to lead the investigation who tries to put everything and all the cases of missing persons together. What she unravels and what happens next, forms the rest of the film.

The first thing one sees after this film is the lazy writing. A lot of things seem to convenient for the plot. Some scenes come across as totally unnecessary. The film spoon feeds you a lot of obvious things but then doesn’t answer a few things that seem implausible. In the end the makers connect the series of events to show it is all related but then you wonder, why were the other cops not smart enough to join the dots in the first place or were they just too ignorant? Judge ruling on things too easily, knowing full well the investigation wasn’t conducted properly. This you could argue, but as someone who has watched tonnes of detective thrillers and crime shows/films, it seems a really hard pill to swallow. The police didn’t really have to be Sherlock to solve the cases but being good enough detectives would have sufficed, which Inspector Sharma seemed to be. As I said, too convenient. The plot had potential but was wafer thin.

Technically, the film is average. Cinematography by Inderjit Bansel and Arvind Singh was decent. Some frames were captured nicely. Editing by Uma Shankar J. Mishra was average. It could have been a lot better. Some unnecessary scenes could have been cut and the film could have been cut short by at least 15-20 minutes. The script was weak and had several plotholes. Even though it all comes together in the end, the film lacked the satisfaction of a thriller. Handful of dialogues are appreciation worthy, rest could have been better. The costume design and the production design is decent. The music of the film is not of the chartbuster variety. The background music could have be much better as well.

Performance wise, the film is good. Anupam Kher delivers an honest performance and could have been much better but is limited by the script. Kumud Mishra is a breath of fresh air, offering some comic relief here and there. Esha Gupta was nice but again, her character was very flawed. She is introduced twice and both the times, doesn’t make much impact as intended. She is shown to have a Haryanvi accent in the film but it keeps switching on and off, makes you wonder, does she do it on purpose or just what the need was, really? The rest of the cast offer good support.

Director Ashok Nanda does manage to get good performances from his actors but otherwise, is let down by a weak script.


At the box-office

The film has taken a slow start and it will struggle.

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