Directed by: Ashok Nanda

Produced by:  Ketan Patel, Swati Singh

Star cast: Anupam, Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra


8 Crores

Estimated Budget


0.50 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

‘One Day’ starring Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta are seen in lead roles, the story revolves around the crime branch officer and a judge’s journey to solve a mysterious crime case to attain justice. It’s a crime thriller and looks interesting. Here, we list a few points in favor of the film and why it can hit the chord among the audience.


The trailer was quite impressive and didn’t spell out much of the plot to intrigue the audiences. The trailer plays an important role in approaching the targeted audiences.  ‘One Day’ seems a game between the police officer and the judge, there’s a twist when the judge on the day of his retirement discovers that his judgment had gone wrong in a couple of cases. It will be interesting to watch if the judge takes the law in hand? The film seems to be intriguing and engaging and to look forward to.


Veteran actor Anumpam Kher will keep the audience engaged with his fine acting and is seen playing a role of a judge.  On the other hand, Esha Gupta is seen playing a strict cop and looks impressive in her character. There are many fine supporting actors which add on to better the film and accounts as one of the reasons to watch the film.


Genre of the film plays an integral part to attract the audience. There all kind of movie goers and some are specific about what kind of genre they would like to watch. ‘One Day’ seems to be an action, crime/ thriller drama and has potential to grab the attention. The element of suspense, anxiety, surprise, and disbelief in a thriller keeps audiences glued to their seat. There is never a dull moment in a good thriller.  As events starts unfolding in thriller or crime thriller, the speed of thoughts run at a frantic pace. We often try and analyze, and try to figure out what centrifugal element in a film is.


If the film is backed by good content and taps into some real scenario, it will be eventually be spoken about and word-of-mouth will further help it do a good business since this isn’t a big film. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine