It seems Hindi cinema has come of age and a bold concept like a One night stand from a womans point of view is being discussed in this film of the same name. Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) is a fun loving go getter event manager and is happily married to a beautiful wife Myra and his life changes when he encounters a beautiful mystery woman Selena (Sunny Leone) in one of his holiday jaunts in Thailand and as a bet with his friends he manages to win over Selena and they have a rollicking time in bed and then the mystery woman disappears without a trace and Urvil returns to his wife in Pune but he is a changed man and always thinking of Selena and he becomes an irritable and argumentative person and he fights with his wife and his associates in office much to the ire of his boss (Shishir Sharma) and his best friend (Ninad Kamath) tris hard to make his friend understand the futility of his obsession with his one night stand and luckily he meets Selena at one of his events and he is shocked to know that she is married to a rich man (Khalid Siddique) and has a cute son and a father in law (Kanwaljeet Singh)and to his horror he finds out that Selena’s real name is Amber  and he tries to call her at odd times and tries to chase her and much to her consternation she rebuffs the one night stand as a mistake and she accuses Urvil of stalking her which breaks his heart. What happens then? Does he overcome his obsession for Selena? The film is racy and well directed with picturesque frames and the director has taken pains to write a well woven script and has some beautiful songs and locations in the film. The performances by Tanuj Virwani is an improvement from his first two films and he plays the aggrieved lover very well. Sunny Leone is good   her act and looks good too.  The film has shades of 9/1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction, The Stalker, Cape Fear, Indecent Proposal, etc.  Nyra Mukherjee as Urvil’s wife is excellent. Kanwaljeet Singh, Shishir Sharma, Khalid Siddiqui, Ninad Kamath, support well. The film is strictly meant for adult viewing.


At the box-office

The film has taken a slow start and will find going tough.

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