Netflix is currently testing a 250 rupee ($3.63) monthly subscription for mobile devices in India, with the aim to boost its presence in a price-sensitive market where data consumption on smartphones is surging. Amazon’s Prime service, which offers video streaming, music and faster shipping of purchases, is priced at 999 rupees a year while local rival Hotstar has a free service as well paid plans starting at 365 rupees a year.

Netflix’s test plan of 250 rupees a month will give the users access to standard definition video on smartphones and tablets. While they have no plans for cheaper prices in India, they are testing this with the intent to increase their subscriber base in India. With this plan the consumers will be able to subscribe to Netflix for a short period of time, that is, can watch the content they like and next time they want to watch something, they can subscribe via this plan again.

While Netflix is testing this plan currently, Apple have launched their own streaming services, which will also have their own exclusive content. Apple’s streaming service will be called Apple TV+ that will stream original television shows and movies to a television-watching app for users of its 1.4 billion gadgets worldwide, as well as owners of smart TVs and other devices. While all this was announced, they left out key pricing details for their streaming services. How do they line up with respect to pricing and content against Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar and other services in India, yet remains to be seen.

While a lot of the niche crowd has subscription to more than one streaming services as they like to consume different types of content some of which remains exclusive to these services.

Another plus point because of this is going to be the decline of piracy, if they manage to get their pricing factors just right, and is just going to be a huge boost to the content makers, especit in India.

Online content consumption, especially in India, is a huge market and it looks like everyone is battling out to get the huge piece of the market. Affordable pricing and exclusive content are the biggest driving factors and will most likely be the deciders as to who emerges out on top of the rest. In the words of Sherlock, the game is on!

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine