Everyone knows how money makes the world go round and how sometimes the paucity of money can lead individuals go through trying circumstances. This film illustrates it strongly. This film is about a young job seeker Rajeev (Ashish Nevalkar) who has come to Nagpur for a job interview but is kidnapped by the auto rickshaw driver (Milind Shinde) and his assistant (Vikas Patil) and is pressurized by both to get money instantly. He therefore calls up his girlfriend but she thinks he is a cad and refuses to help him. So he calls his best friend Ajay, an ad-filmmaker (Satchit Patil) to collect the required amount but Ajay himself is hard up for money and so he goes from pillar to past to collect the money but mostly he finds disappointment where some people help him and some don’t even though they are in a position to help him and he also loses his wife Jhanvi (Spruha Joshi) in the bargain. His race is against the clock as it is a Saturday and the banks close early and unluckily he collects the required amount but the banks are closed and luckily Rajeev is let free after the auto rickshaw driver’s daughter dies in the hospital for lack of funds. The film reminds one of John Q and Tathasthu and Dog Day Afternoon. Satchit Patil acts well. Spruha Joshi looks good and is impressive. Ashish Nevalkar is good. Milind Shinde looks rugged and acts well. Pushkar Shrotri, Vikas Patil, Deepali Sayeed, Rajendra Chawla, Pankaj Vishnu, Madhav Abhyankar, Vinita Joshi lend good support. The debutant director Joji Raechel Job makes a good debut. The film is technically first rate. Music is okay. A film worth watching.


At the box-office

The film will be an earner at the box office. ReviewsBollywood Trade Magazine